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Nova Resource:Tools.trusty-tools/SAL

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Revision as of 22:18, 3 January 2020 by imported>Stashbot (bd808: Migrating to new kubernetes cluster)
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  • 22:18 bd808: Migrating to new kubernetes cluster


  • 18:01 bd808: Disable daily nag emails. Anyone who is not aware at this point is unlikely to suddenly notice the 20th warning email.


  • 21:57 bd808: Changed crontab to fire daily rather than weekly


  • 21:43 bd808: Force deleted pod stuck in Terminating state with ` kubectl delete po/trusty-tools-909545302-jwrz7 --now`
  • 18:34 zhuyifei1999_: restarted webservice. it still has a phantom pod trusty-tools-909545302-jwrz7 at which refuses to terminate