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Stewardbots is a multimantainer Tool Labs project which hosts tools and run bots for steward related activities.


Our purpose is to provide useful tools for stewards and users assisting them or performing similar actions.

Anticipated traffic level

100-1000 hits per day

Anticipated time span


Project status

currently running

Contact address

See at the bottom of the page.

Willing to take contributors or not


Subject area narrow or broad


Contact us

You can reach us:

  • Leaving us a message on our talk pages (preferably at Meta-Wiki).
  • Sending us an email through the on-wiki email user function.
  • Sending us an email to (not recommended).
  • We idle on various IRC channels, most notably #wikimedia-stewards on the Freenode IRC network.


Please report bugs and suggestions to Phabricator. We also thank and welcome patches submitted to our Gerrit repository.

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