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Revision as of 22:23, 22 August 2021 by imported>Stashbot (wm-bot: <poslovitch> [git] Updated bot to 59f3120)
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  • 22:23 wm-bot: <poslovitch> [git] Updated bot to 59f3120


  • 19:44 wm-bot: <poslovitch> [git] Updated to fd79b34


  • 13:30 wm-bot: <poslovitch> [git] Updated to 01fcc66


  • 08:34 wm-bot: <poslovitch> [job] Refactored the script to query up to 2-days old recordings since recordings' 'date' are stored with a 1-day precision


  • 09:06 wm-bot: <poslovitch> [cron] LLBot now operates twice a day (12AM, 12PM) and gathers the recordings made in the 24 previous hours.
  • 07:42 wm-bot: <poslovitch> Updated to ee20f2c, should fix the bug introduced by the previous commit
  • 07:21 wm-bot: <poslovitch> Updated LLBot to c299b8c


  • 21:21 wm-bot: <poslovitch> Mom, am I really on TV?
  • 21:20 wm-bot: <poslovitch> Mom, am I really on TV?