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  • curprev 23:00, 8 October 2021imported>Stashbot 1,231 bytes +153 wm-bot: <root> root forced the deletion of job 913897
  • curprev 17:24, 20 September 2021imported>Stashbot 1,078 bytes +101 wm-bot: <root> Added missing "title" in $HOME/public_html/toolinfo.json.
  • curprev 17:49, 2 March 2021imported>Stashbot 977 bytes +76 legoktm: resubscribed to mediawiki-commits list
  • curprev 01:21, 15 December 2020imported>Stashbot 901 bytes +123 legoktm: resubscribed to mediawiki-commits list after Google outage triggered too many bounces
  • curprev 00:21, 29 February 2020imported>Stashbot 778 bytes +106 wm-bot: <root> Deleted orphan ReplicaSet and Pod on legacy Kubernetes cluster
  • curprev 21:45, 26 July 2016imported>Labslogbot 672 bytes +672 Added Legoktm as maintainer to help with T141390 (bd808)