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  • 00:10 wm-bot: <root> Migrated to 2020 Kubernetes cluster

November 15

  • 10:36 valhallasw`cloud: set up bigbrother for webservice

March 14

  • 21:28 valhallasw: Werkzeug<0.9 cannot handle multiple hosts in HTTP_X_FORWARDED_HOST. Upgraded to 0.9.4, and adapted requirements.txt to require >=0.9. Works now.
  • 21:14 valhallasw: flask-mwoauth calls redirect('/gerrit-patch-uploader'), so this is an issue somewhere in Flask / the lighttpd configuration.
  • 21:11 valhallasw: Upgraded Flask from 0.8 to 0.9, but no change.
  • 21:03 valhallasw: No issues on ptmpa. Issue with determining the URL base path, or a different Flask version?
  • 21:00 valhallasw: Apparently oauth-callback forwards to Location:, Restarting the webservice on ptmpa to see if the issue is due to the move.
  • 20:57 valhallasw: oauth roundtrip is broken. Might be on the mw.o end, though. Investigating.
  • 20:55 valhallasw: Copy complete, but ldap permissions are broken. Fixing by adding and removing someone as maintainer.

February 19

  • 20:37 valhallasw: Does this work? A reading of the source suggests it should.