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Revision as of 15:55, 7 November 2017 by imported>Stashbot (Nettrom: Dropped database p50380g50553__ilc from c3.labsdb)
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  • 15:55 Nettrom: Dropped database p50380g50553__ilc from c3.labsdb
  • 15:52 Nettrom: Moved inlink count tables to s51172__ilc_p on tools.labsdb, restarted SuggestBot


  • 13:35 andrewbogott: moving suggestbot-prod to labvirt1017


  • 15:18 Nettrom: Deleted unused databases from c1.labsdb & c3.labsdb


  • 00:43 Nettrom: Converted all database tables to binary character set


  • 02:48 Nettrom: installed SciPy stack on suggestbot-prod
  • 01:56 Nettrom: installed libmysqlclient-dev on suggestbot-prod


  • 03:10 Nettrom: apt-get installed python-pip, python-dev, and build-essentials, then installed virtualenv globally via pip
  • 02:46 Nettrom: installed MariaDB on suggestbot-prod, created database and user, restricted to connecting from localhost