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Nova Resource:I-0000042f

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Labs Instance: openstack-andrewtest13 (error)

Resource type
Resource Type::instance
Instance Name
Instance Name::openstack-andrewtest13
Project Name
Instance Id
Instance OS Id::3a1d6f19-e8d2-470d-aaca-c29febec97cb
ec2 Id
Instance Id::i-0000042f
Reservation Id
Reservation Id::r-iwneyei3
Instance State
Instance State::error (deleting)
Current Host
Instance Host::virt6
Original Host
Base Image
Instance Size
Number of CPUs
Number of CPUs::1
RAM Size
RAM Size::512 Mb
Allocated Storage
Amount of Storage::0 Gb
Filled Storage
Used Storage::0 Gb
Availability Zone
Availability Zone::None
Launch Time
Launch Time::
Created By
Create By::
Security Group
Private IP
Private IP::
Public IP
Public IP::None
DNS name