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News/Wikireplicas 2020 Redesign/Wiki Replicas Cross-DB Query Data

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User input analysis

In this section we keep track of the user input received via emails to the various cloud mailing lists, chat venues like #wikimedia-cloud, and comments on phabricator tasks:

Origin User Queries Tool name Tool link Toolforge tool Wiki DBs joined Phabricator
email Huji [1],[2],[3] HujiBot [1] fa fawiki, commonswiki phab:T268244


phabricator Green_Cardamom [1] GreenC bot [1],


botwikiawk en enwiki, commonswiki phab:T267992
email Fastily [1][2][3][4] FastilyBot en:User:FastilyBot,



fastilybot-reports en enwiki, commonswiki
phabricator Zache [1],[2], [3] fiwiki, wikidatawiki

fiwiki, commonswiki

phabricator Superyetkin [1] tr enwiki, wikidatawiki phab:T268498
phabricator ShakespeareFan00 [1],[2] enwiki, commonswiki

Random query logger sample analysis

In order to better understand queries that will potentially break with the new replicas architecture, a query logger was run to save queries at random intervals of time for a short time, to perform analysis later. Due to the size of the data and physical constraints the logger couldn't be run continuously for a long period of time, so a random sampling was applied.


Total queries 60008 100%
Cross-DB queries 1659 2.76%
Distinct queries
Total distinct queries 18709 100%
Distinct cross-db queries 339 1.81%
Distinct normalized queries
Total distinct normalized queries 3858 100%
Distinct normalized cross-db queries 107 2.77%
Total users logged 216 100%
Distinct cross-db queries users 22 ~10%

Pending DB analysis in cross-db queries

Pending join column analysis in cross-db queries

Raw data

Pending upload