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News/Toolforge Trusty deprecation

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This page details information about deprecating and removing hosts running Ubuntu Trusty (14.04) as an operating system from the Toolforge infrastructure. The login bastions and Grid execution hosts are still running Trusty and must be replaced with new instances.

What will change?

  • new job grid running Son of Grid Engine on Debian Stretch instances
  • new bastion hosts running Debian Stretch with connectivity to the new job grid
  • new versions of PHP, Python2, Python3, and other language runtimes
  • new versions of various support libraries

What should I do?

Move a webservice


When possible, we recommend migrating web services to Kubernetes instead of the new grid.

Move a continuous job


Move a cron job


What are the primary changes with moving to Stretch?



  • December 2018 ...
  • January 2019 ...
  • Feburary 2019 ...
  • March 2019 ...

Why are we doing this?

Ubuntu Trusty was released in April 2014, and support for it (including security updates) will cease in April 2019. We need to shut down all Trusty hosts before the end of support date to ensure that Toolforge remains a secure platform. This migration will take several months because many people still use the Trusty hosts and our users are working on tools in their spare time.

During past operating system updates we were able to create a mixed grid which contained hosts running multiple operating systems and control which was used to run each job using command line arguments to jsub and webservice. The current version of Sun Grid Engine (v6.2u5) that exists in Ubuntu Trusty is incompatible with "Son of" Grid Engine (v8.1.9) from Debian Stretch. Therefore the two grids must be entirely separate environments. Any cron jobs that exist or web services in the old grid (submitted from one of the current bastions) will not currently exist in the new grid. To schedule any job or service on the new Son of Grid Engine grid, one must log into a bastion dedicated to that grid (currently to submit them.