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News/Toolforge Elasticsearch v7 migration

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What is changing?

  • New Elasticsearch cluster version (v7.4)
  • New client connection URL:
  • Improved service availability and scaling capabilities


  • 2020-03-04: Version 7 Elasticsearch cluster general availability for migration on an opt-in basis.
  • 2020-04-06: deadline Evaluate if all tools have been migrated to the new Elasticsearch cluster.
  • 2020-04-20: shutdown All tools are fully migrated to the new Elasticsearch cluster, version 5 cluster is retired from service.

What should I do?

Update client connection strings

A new service address ( has been configured for the Elasticsearch V7 cluster. This service address is configured to provide high availability and load-balancing features across all Elasticsearch V7 cluster members.

Update your Tools support Elasticsearch version 7 APIs

Deprecated index document types

The ability to specify a custom document type has been deprecated in Elasticsearch version 7. A full list of mapping changes can be found at html#breaking_70_mappings_changes

Deprecated version 5 example with a custom document type:

curl -X PUT 'http://<elasticsearch>/index_name' -d '{
   "mappings": {
     "custom_type": {
       "properties": {
         "foo": { "type": "keyword"  }

Supported version 7 example:

curl -X PUT 'http://<elasticsearch>/index_name' -d '{
   "mappings": {
     "doc": {
       "properties": {
         "foo": { "type": "keyword"  },

This mapping change also effects the path to your index documents.

Example index document paths

Deprecated version 5

PUT <index>/<custom type>/<id>

version 7

PUT <index>/_doc/<id>

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