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News/CloudVPS NAT change

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The CloudVPS service is changing the main source NAT IP address.

Each CloudVPS virtual machine instance uses a private IPv4 address that cannot circulate in the internet, is only valid for internal traffic. Therefore, to allow virtual machines to contact endpoints over the internet we need a source NAT mechanism.

However, this NAT address is never used to contact internal Wikimedia servers, a different mechanism is used in such cases.

In CloudVPS, all this setup is implemented by means of Neutron, a complex-to-setup Openstack component that we hope to simplify with this change.

What is changing ?

Previous to this change, all traffic from CloudVPS virtual machine instances heading to the internet appeared to come from this IPv4 address:

When the change is applied, that address will no longer be involved and this one will be used instead:

Those addresses can also be associated with DNS names (FQDN), only for identification purposes:

  • ---
  • ---

Please note: the DNS name (FQDN) is provided only for identification purposes, the meaningful thing here is the IPv4 address.


Timeline this change will follow:

  • 2020-04-06: initial announcement to the community.
  • 2020-04-13: actual change introduction. Collect issues over this week and fix them if possible.
  • 2020-04-17: if the change wasn't rollback or any major issues were found, declare success.

Is there anything not changing?

Yes, a couple of things wont change and will keep working the same as before:

  • CloudVPS virtual machine instances that have floating IP addresses will keep using those. No changes for floating IP addresses.
  • Connections from CloudVPS to internal wikimedia services (such as Wikis, APIs, etc) aren't affected by this NAT, so no changes in this case.

What should I do?

In most cases, you literally don't have to do anything specific. However, some users may want to double check a couple of things.

If your software contacts any internet endpoints (for example, for downloading an external dataset or uploading a computation result) you will now see the connections coming from instead of the old address

Your software in this case might be a Toolforge tool, a Toolforge webservice, or any other software component running inside CloudVPS project virtual machine instance.

Why are you doing this ?

We need to simplify the Neutron setup we have. Previous to this change, we had a couple of changes in the Neutron source code to adapt it to our use case. With this change, our customization to Neutron will be reduced by a good chunk.

Having less source code customization allows us to improve our ability to upgrade between Openstack versions.

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