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Cloud Services news and major change announcements

Current announcements

Wiki Replicas 2020 Redesign
Wiki Replicas' architecture is being redesigned for stability and performance. Cross database JOINs will not be available and a connection will only allow querying its associated DB.
Cloud VPS 2020 Purge
We are asking project members to claim their active Cloud VPS projects and also explicitly tell us about projects that are no longer needed.
HTTPS enforcement at shared proxy
TLS encryption enforced via redirect at domain proxy service

Recently completed

Phasing out the .wmflabs domain
New instances created in Cloud VPS projects will only be in DNS as <host>.<project>
2020 PAWS migration
New domain names for the PAWS hub and paws-public and a new Kubernetes cluster underneath hostname migration for Toolforge$TOOL is being replaced with $ for all Toolforge hosted webservices
Jessie deprecation
Remove support for Debian Jessie prior to upstream End Of Life for release