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Netbox is a "IP address management (IPAM) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool".

At Wikimedia it has been evaluated in Phab:T170144 as a replacement for Racktables.

In Phab:T199083 the actual migration between the systems took place.

Web UI

  • login using your LDAP/Wikitech credentials
  • Currently you need an LDAP group membership in "ops" to be able to login.


The following paths are backed up in Bacula:


A puppetized cron job (class postgresql::backup) automatically creates a daily dump file of all local Postgres databases (pg_dumpall) and stores it in /srv/postgres-backup.

This path is then backed up by Bacula.

For more details, the related subtask to setup backups was Phab:T190184.


To restore files from Bacula back to the client, use bconsole on helium and refer to Bacula#Restore_(aka_Panic_mode) for detailed steps.

To restore postgres databases from a dump file:

  • unzip the latest dump file from /srv/postgres-backup
  • sudo -u postgres /usr/bin/psql < psql-all-dbs-20180804.sql

Some more details from when restore was tested on Phab:T190184#4481629.