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#REDIRECT [[X-Wikimedia-Debug#Available_backends]]
| location = eqiad
| name = mwdebug1002
| serial =
| usage = debugging / testing MediaWiki deployments
| status = online
| memory =
| cpu =
| hdd =
| usage_version =
| server_group =
| server_nodename = mwdebug1002.eqiad.wmnet
'''mwdebug1002''' is a [[WikimediaDebug]] host for [[Eqiad]].  It was reimaged with '''buster''' on 2021-02-16.
== Connecting ==
== Services ==
* [[WikimediaDebug]]
== See also ==
* [[mwdebug1001]]
* [[mwdebug2001]], [[mwdebug2002]]

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Location: eqiad
Node name: mwdebug1002.eqiad.wmnet (fingerprint)
debugging / testing MediaWiki deployments
Overall: Symbol support vote.png Active
Icinga?: host status services status

mwdebug1002 is a WikimediaDebug host for Eqiad. It was reimaged with buster on 2021-02-16.


Connect to mwdebug1002 over ssh by proxying through a bastion (e.g. As with other hosts, ensure you have ProxyJump configured in .ssh/config (see Production shell access). Then connect as follows:

user@laptop:~$ ssh mwdebug1002.eqiad.wmnet


See also