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Metrics Platform

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The Metrics Platform is a suite of services, standard libraries, and APIs for producing and consuming data of all kinds from Wikimedia Foundation products. For data producers, it aims to simplify the task of designing, implementing, and maintaining data-producing code (also called instrumentation), while offering better guarantees of quality, rigor, and safety. For data consumers, it aims to streamline the process of defining a new dataset and offer a rich set of tools to answer questions and generate insights with data.

A full description will follow; for now, this page is a directory for parts of the specification under development.

Topics Directory

Development Status

Current product platform support
Version Release Date MediaWiki JS MediaWiki PHP Wikipedia Android Wikipedia iOS Wikipedia KaiOS
1.0 (in development) 05-30-2021
0.2 12-30-2020 x x x x
0.1 06-30-2020 x x