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<!-- Text here will be shown below edit and upload forms. -->
<!-- Text here will be shown below edit forms. -->
'''Current UTC time is {{CURRENTTIME}}'''
<div id="mw-edittools-charinsert" class="mw-charinsert-buttons" title="Click on the wanted special character.">
<p class="mw-edittools-section" data-section-title="Standard">
'''Insertable wiki markup''':
<charinsert>#REDIRECT[[+]]</charinsert> ·
<charinsert><code>+</code></charinsert> ·
<charinsert><nowiki><syntaxhighlight lang="bash"></nowiki>+</syntaxhighlight></charinsert> ·
<div class="mw-message-box">
The current time is '''{{CURRENTTIME}} UTC'''.

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Insertable wiki markup: <charinsert>#REDIRECT+</charinsert> · <charinsert>+</charinsert> · <charinsert><syntaxhighlight lang="bash">+</syntaxhighlight></charinsert> ·

The current time is 04:07 UTC.