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There are 5 "miscelaneous" shards: m1-m5.

  • m1: Basic ops utilities
  • m2: otrs, gerrit and others
  • m3: phabricator and other older task systems
  • m4: eventlogging system
  • m5: openstack and other labs-related dbs

On the last cleanup, many unused databases were archived and/or deleted, and a contact person was discovered for each of them.


Current schemas

These are the current dbs, and what was needed to failover then:

  • bacula ; sudo service bacula-director restart after the migration. I had already made sure no jobs were running with status director. Tested after with a list media
  • etherpadlite ; seems like etherpad-lite crashed after the migration and systemd took care of restarting it. etherpad crashes anyway at least once a week if not more so no big deal ; tested by opening a pad
  • heartbeat: needs "manual migration"- change master role on puppet
  • librenms: required manual kill of its connections @netmon1001: apache reload
  • puppet: required manual kill of its connections; This caused the most puppet spam. Either restart puppet-masters or kill connections **as soon** as the failover happens.
  • racktables: went fine, no problems
  • rt: required manual kill of its connections ; @unobtinium: apache reload

Deleted/archived schemas

  • reviewdb: not really on m1 anymore (it was migrated to m2). To delete.
  • blog: to archive
  • bugzilla: to archive * kill archived and dropped
  • bugzilla3: idem kill archived and dropped
  • bugzilla4: idem archive, actually, we also have this on but that is the sanitized version, so keep this archive just in case i guess
  • bugzilla_testing: idem kill archived and dropped
  • communicate:  ? archived and dropped
  • communicate_civicrm: not fundraising! we're not sure what this is, we can check users table to determine who administered it archived and dropped
  • dashboard_production: Puppet dashboard db. Never used it in my 3 years here, product sucks. Kill with fire. - alex archived and dropped
  • outreach_civicrm: not fundraising, this is the contacts.wm thing, not used anymore, but in turn it means i dont know what "communicate" is then, we can look at the users tables for info on the
  • bacula: alex
  • admin: archived and dropped
  • outreach_drupal: kill archived and dropped
  • percona: jynus dropped
  • query_digests: jynus archived and dropped
  • test: archived and dropped
  • test_drupal: er, kill with fire ? kill archived and dropped

owners, (or in many cases just people that volunteer to help for the failover)

  • blog: blog people are Tilman Bayer et all (HaeB) archived and dropped
  • etherpadlite: jmm, alex
  • heartbeat: jynus
  • librenms: filippo
  • puppet: jynus
  • racktables: jmm, alex, krenair working on moving to servermon
  • reviewdb: gerrit. - chad
  • rt: daniel working on migration , db schema upgrade on db2007


Current schemas

  • phabricator_*: 57 schemas to support phabricator itself
  • rt_migration: schema needed for some crons related to phabricator jobs
  • bugzilla_migration: schema needed for some crons related to phabricator jobs

Dropped schemas

  • fab_migration


Current schemas