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Maps/Services deployment

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Deploying maps services

Kartotherian is developed on Gerrit, and the old Github repository is abandoned and is no longer used by WMF infrastructure.

Publish libraries to NPM before building for deployment

In order to be able to package kartotherian and tilerator, the process to bump the version and publish to npm is crucial, therefore you should have permission to publish packages in the @wikimedia npm organization. The version bump occurs using manually package by package or using the lerna dependency manager.

Building for deployment

Kartotherian and Tilerator are deployed according to the standard process for deploying Wikimedia Node.js services, with the important difference that deployments are built from purpose-specific "package" repos rather than directly from service code repos. This is to facilitate the bundling of additional maps-specific dependencies.


Deploying services

Refer to Services/Deployment for general instructions.

In most cases, Kartotherian and Tilerator should be deployed together, to ensure that all dependencies (in particular, styles) are in sync.