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Kartotherian service

Forked npm dependencies required by kartotherian.

Name Forked repo? Upstream status Wikimedia plans
abaculus @kartotherian/abaculus
geojson-mapnikify @kartotherian/geojson-mapnikify
kartotherian-tilelive-switch @wikimedia/kartotherian-tilelive-switch
makizushi @kartotherian/makizushi Abandoned in 2018 Fork harder, support new versions of Maki using an improved backend strategy.
mapnik @kartotherian/mapnik New major version We want to upgrade to the latest version and get rid of our fork.
osm-bright-source @kartotherian/osm-bright-source
osm-bright-style @kartotherian/osm-bright-style
tilelive-bridge @kartotherian/tilelive-bridge
tilelive-overlay @kartotherian/tilelive-overlay
tilelive-tmsource @kartotherian/tilelive-tmsource
tilelive-vector @kartotherian/tilelive-vector