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Map of database maintenance

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Here you can follow maintenance on our databases. This is useful to spot potential causes for issues in production or avoid interfering with another maintenance work.

A script parses dbctl SAL logs and add entries here. Furthermore, DBAs can add manual entries in this list by logging SAL. It is important that SAL must contain the word "dbmaint", a phabricator ticket id, a section name and name of the datacenter. For example: "!log dbmaint on s2@codfw (T12345)"

Today (2022-07-31)

Yesterday (2022-07-30)

Last seven days

Section Work
s1 Add columns geo_tags.gt_lat_int/gt_lon_int to unify schema on wmf wikis (T312990) (marostegui)
s6 Schema change to change primary key of templatelinks (T312863) (ladsgroup)
s7 Add primary key and drop unique index on translate_messageindex on wmf wikis (T314140) (marostegui)
Section Work
s8 Switchover s8 codfw master (T313798) (marostegui)
x2 Switchover x2 master db2142 -> db2143 (T313811) (marostegui)