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Welcome to the Wikitech documentation portal.

This wiki hosts documentation related to the technical projects and infrastructure maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation. This includes the production systems, Wikimedia Cloud Services virtual private server (VPS) computing infrastructure, Tool Labs platform as a service (PaaS) hosting environment, and many other technical projects such as the Beta cluster used to validate new software before deployment to the production cluster.

This wiki is not a Wikimedia Unified Login (SUL) wiki, users must create an account.

An overview of the Wikimedia Cloud Services (WMCS) products and ecosystem.
Account creation and quick start guides. Help for WMCS in general can be found at Help:Contents.
Wikimedia VPS (WMCS VPS or VPS) provides a cloud computing infrastructure powered by OpenStack for projects related to the Wikimedia movement.
Tool Labs (or Tools) is a hosting environment for developers working on tools (bots, webservices, scheduled jobs) that help maintain and support Wikimedia wikis.
Data offerings for analysis, Tool building, and exploration. Both WMCS VPS and Tool Labs can access DaaS resources.

The production part of this wiki, also known as Wikitech, contains internal technical documentation for the Wikimedia Foundation. Documentation is available on most aspects of the technical operations of the production server clusters as well as information on how to become involved in improving the underlying infrastructure of Wikimedia projects as volunteer. For technical documentation of MediaWiki software, see