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{| style="width: 100%" class="leftalign-table messagebox"
{| style="width: 100%" class="leftalign-table messagebox"
!style="width:100px" | Guides
!style="width:100px" | Guides
| [[Operations_requests|Getting help from Operations]] '''·''' [[Get involved]] '''·''' [[Infrastructure naming conventions]] '''·''' [[How-To|How-Tos]] '''·''' [[Profiling]] '''·''' [[Puppet coding]] '''·''' [[Puppet and iptables]]
| [[Operations_requests|Getting help from Operations]] '''·''' [[Get involved]] '''·''' [[Infrastructure naming conventions]] '''·''' [[How-To|How-Tos]] '''·''' [[Profiling]] '''·''' [[Puppet coding]]  
! Servers
! Servers

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Wikimedia Labs is meant to make it easier for developers and system administrators to try out improvements to Wikimedia infrastructure, including MediaWiki, and to do analytics and bot work.

Labs Account Holders are governed by the Labs terms of use. The agreement to disclosure of personally identifiable information covers Labs End-Users.

For more information, start at Help:Contents.

Tool Labs

Tool Labs, a reliable, scalable hosting environment for community developers working on tools and bots, is part of Wikimedia Labs and consists of two projects Nova Resource:Tools and Nova Resource:Toolsbeta. For more information pertaining to the Tool Labs environment, please see Help:Tool Labs.


Number of {{#ask:Resource Type::project ? ?Description format=broadtable limit=0 link=all headers=show mainlabel=- searchlabel=projects }}: {{#ask: Resource Type::project|format=count}}
Number of {{#ask:Resource Type::instance|?Instance Name|?Instance Type|?Project|?Image Id|?FQDN|?Launch Time|?Puppet Class|?Modification date|?Instance Host|?Number of CPUs|?RAM Size|?Amount of Storage|limit=0|searchlabel=instances}}: {{#ask: Resource Type::instance|limit=5000|format=count}}
Amount of RAM in use (in MBs): {{#ask: Resource Type::instance|limit=5000|?RAM Size|format=sum}}
Amount of allocated storage (in GBs): {{#ask: Resource Type::instance|limit=5000|?Amount of Storage|format=sum}}
Number of virtual CPUs in use: {{#ask: Resource Type::instance|limit=5000|?Number of CPUs|format=sum}}
Number of users: 2