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Libera Chat

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Libera Chat is an IRC network used by the Wikimedia community since May 2021. Community-maintained documentation about how to use IRC can be found at m:IRC, and to manage your channel, refer to m:IRC/Instructions#Instructions for channel ops.

Create a public channel

Consider using our Git-configured channel manager for this. Refer to IRC/Bots/ircservserv, for how.

Or to do it manually:

/join #mychannel

/cs register #mychannel
/cs set #mychannel verbose on
/cs set #mychannel guard on

/mode #mychannel +b $j:#wikimedia-bans

Create a private channel

Basic template for a channel that's invite-only:

/join #mychannel

/cs register #mychannel
/cs set #mychannel verbose on
/cs set #mychannel guard on
/cs set #mychannel mlock +ings-t

/mode #mychannel +b $j:#wikimedia-bans

In the future, these may be managed via a Git repo like our public channels (T283492).

Manage a channel

Common actions to do as a channel operator.

To verify nick protection

/msg nickserv info Account_name_here

you should see Account_name_here has enabled nick protection

Invite someone to a channel (permanently)

/mode #mychannel +I $a:Account_name_here

The name here should be their registered NickServ name. To be sure, open whois for the username in your client (e.g. right click on their name) or run /whois Name_here, to see their registered name in case they have a temporary display name that's different.

Invite someone to a list temporarily

From within the channel itself:

/invite Name_here

Edit the topic

In a public channel, set yourself in operator mode first via /cs op #mychannel. For private channels this step is generally not needed.

Edit the topic directly via your graphical interface or use /topic #mychannel New topic text here.

View access list

/cs flags #mychannel

Add channel operator

Set yourself in operator mode first via /cs op #mychannel.

/cs flags #mychannel Account_name_here +Afiortv

Remove a guest

Set yourself in operator mode first via /cs op #mychannel.

Remove them once by current nick

/kick Name_here

Or ban by IP/host name:

/mode #mychannel +b *!*@hostnamehere

You can use wildcards in place of part of the hostname.

See also

Freenode IRC network

For the twenty years prior to 2021, the movement chat channels were on the Freenode IRC network since 2002.[1]

Wikimedia Foundation used to operate one of the network servers for Freenode: