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Location: eqiad
Cluster: Miscellaneous eqiad
Node name: (fingerprint)
Overall: Symbol support vote.png Active
Icinga?: host status services status

labweb1001 and labweb1002 host Wikitech, Horizon and toolsadmin (Striker).

As wiki hosts they are fairly non-standard: code is deployed the usual way, but X-Wikimedia-Debug does not work, login uses the developer account (LDAP) credentials, and various things might be less reliable (e.g. logging).


Connect to labweb1001 over ssh by proxying through a bastion (e.g. As with other hosts, ensure you have ProxyJump configured in .ssh/config (see Production shell access). Then connect as follows:

user@laptop:~$ ssh

Note that the domain name is, not .eqiad.wmnet.


labweb1001 and labweb1002 are load-balanced and redundant, using LVS. To take one of them out of service for maintenance, log in and run

labweb1001:~$ sudo depool

After maintenance, put the host back into service:

labweb1001:~$ sudo pool


Horizon logs are at /var/log/apache2/horizon_*, which can be scanned for failed user logins, etc. Make sure you check both labweb1001 and labweb1002.