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#REDIRECT [[Cloudweb1003]]
| location = eqiad
| name = labweb1001
| serial =
| usage = misc
| status = online
| memory =
| cpu =
| hdd =
| usage_version =
| server_group = Miscellaneous eqiad
| server_nodename =
'''labweb1001''' and '''labweb1002''' host [[Wikitech]], [[Horizon]] and [[|toolsadmin]] (Striker).
As wiki hosts they are fairly non-standard: code is deployed the usual way, but [[X-Wikimedia-Debug]] does not work, login uses the developer account (LDAP) credentials, and various things might be less reliable (e.g. logging).
== Connecting ==
Note that the domain name is <code></code>, not <code>.eqiad.wmnet</code>.
== Maintenance ==
'''labweb1001''' and '''labweb1002''' are load-balanced and redundant, using [[LVS]].  To take one of them out of service for maintenance, log in and run
labweb1001:~$ sudo depool
After maintenance, put the host back into service:
labweb1001:~$ sudo pool
== Logs ==
Horizon logs are at <code>/var/log/apache2/horizon_*</code>, which can be scanned for failed user logins, etc. Make sure you check both '''labweb1001''' and '''labweb1002'''.

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