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{{Note|To use this template:
This is the template for a lightweight incident report.
* Go to '''[[Incident status]]'''
* To use it: Submit the form at [[Incident documentation]], then replace the marked placeholders with your own text.
* Fill in the "Lightweight" form to auto-create a report page with today's date.
* You should '''name''' it in this style: "''$NameOfService''".
* Save early, save often.
(Do not edit or copy this page directly.)|type=warning}}
* It will automatically be saved as a subpage of [[Incident documentation]], with the "YYYYMMDD-" timestamp as a prefix like the others.  
</noinclude>{{irdoc|status=<includeonly>draft</includeonly>}} <!--
</noinclude>{{irdoc|status=<includeonly>draft</includeonly>}} <!--
The status field should be one of:
The status field should be one of:

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document status: draft


What happened? Write one paragraph or at most two, including UTC timestamps for key events like the start and end of the outage. Briefly assess the impact: for user-facing outages, estimate how many queries were lost, how many users were affected, or which populations (editors? readers? particular geographies?), etc.

Avoid assuming deep knowledge of the systems here -- but if the incident is too complex to sum up in a couple of paragraphs, this lightweight format may be a bad fit.


Create a list of action items that will help prevent this from happening again as much as possible. Link to or create a Phabricator task for every step.

  • To do #1 (TODO: Create task)
  • To do #2 (TODO: Create task)

TODO: Add the #Sustainability (Incident Followup) Phabricator tag to these tasks.