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#REDIRECT [[Incidents/2021-10-22 eqiad return path timeouts]]
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== Summary ==
Users had trouble connecting to the eqiad datacenter (caches/wikis as well as developer tools like Phabricator, Gerrit, etc.) because of a return path issue after datacenter maintenance. Because of other networking maintenance it took a while to diagnose the underlying issue and gain confidence that we had fixed the correct issue. In addition, the page only went out over IRC, not the VictorOps pager because ~half of our outbound paths to the internet were broken, because of the outage.
[[File:2021-10-22 Varnish request rate during outage.png|thumb|Varnish traffic chart showing dip in overal traffic during outage and then when eqiad was temporarily depooled.]]
'''Impact''': From 20:06 to 20:48, some users who geographically reach eqiad had trouble connecting and received timeout errors. Based on traffic dashboards, we lost about 7k requests/second. For about 10 minutes, eqiad was depooled, sending users to a different datacenter, increasing latencies.
[[File:2021-10-22 NEL chart showing outage.png|center|thumb|1154x1154px|[[Network Error Logging]] dashboard showing the outage. The initial recovery happens at 20:42 but regresses minutes later because the router change was not fully committed.]]
== Timeline ==
* 19:38 Icinga reports issues with 1 interface going down on cr3-ulsfo
* 19:39 Icinga reports 2 interfaces down on cr2-eqord and 1 down on cr2-codfw
* 19:50 Telia mails us saying “we Suspected Cable fault in St Louis and your circuits are affected” and lists circuits: IC-313592,  IC-314534 (turned out to be unrelated, red herring in the investigation)
* 20:06 '''a cable is patched in eqiad ([[Phab:T293726#7452237|T293726#7452237]]) - incident starts here'''
* 20:09 <AntiComposite> reports of timeouts from a few users on Discord
* 20:10 <dontpanic> oh, I'm not the only one
* 20:14 Icinga starts reporting RIPE Atlas probes starting to be down
* 20:15:04 <mutante> XioNoX: users report issues right after a cable was patched in Eqiad but things work for me
* 20:15:20 <mutante> jclark-ctr: are you working with someone on that cable thing?
* 20:15 '''<+icinga-wm> PROBLEM - Too high an incoming rate of browser-reported Network Error Logging events #page on alert1001 is CRITICAL: type=tcp.timed_out'''
* 20:24 Incident opened, Kunal becomes IC
* ... mostly looking into Telia transport links being down (red herring)
* 20:28 <bblack> the transport one (IC-314534) the interface appears to be down, so that's good at that level
* 20:32 <cdanis> saturation on transport links shouldn't be causing these flavors of NELs nor the RIPE Atlas alert
* 20:35 <bblack> <bblack> equinix peering in eqiad, there's a dropoff in traffic, probably from telia fiber cut impacting other peers there?
* 20:39 < bblack> I think we've got some peers over that exchange which we're still advertising in one or both directions with, but are affected by telia somehow and the peering traffic is borked.
* 20:41 < cdanis> it's a return path issue for sure
* 20:41 < XioNoX> !log disable sessions to equinix eqiad IXP ([ SAL entry])
* 20:41 <+icinga-wm> RECOVERY - BGP status on cr2-eqiad is OK: BGP OK - up: 74, down: 0, shutdown: 0
* 20:42 <greg-g> it's back <greg-g> my mtr is happy now
* 20:42 multiple users start to report things are working now and they can reach Gerrit
* 20:45 <greg-g> can't connect to the eqiad lb again
* 20:45 <+icinga-wm> RECOVERY - Too high an incoming rate of browser-reported Network Error Logging events #page on alert1001 is OK: All metrics within thresholds.
* 20:46 <cdanis> XioNoX: you did commit confirmed but didn't confirm <cdanis> it auto rolled back
* 20:46 Brandon depools eqiad in DNS ([ SAL entry])
* 20:47 <XioNoX> cdanis: er, yeah commiting for real
* 20:48 users report recoveries, again
* 20:49 <bblack> it takes several minutes for most to see a real impact from the dns-level depool, so any immediate recoveries are probably from re-committing the exchange fix
* 20:50 <mutante> are we sure this has nothing to do with it?  "eqiad: patch 2nd Equinix IXP - (Jclark-ctr) Cable has been run shows link."
* 20:52 <XioNoX> yeah, that's most likely it
* 20:52 <cdanis> bug post is at 20:06 <cdanis> the NEL reports start at 20:06 exactly
* 20:54 <XioNoX> I disabled the interface on cr1, going to re-enabled the active on on cr2 ([ SAL entry])
* 20:57 '''Cause identified and fixed, incident over'''
* 20:57 <bblack> !log re-pooling eqiad in DNS ([ SAL entry])
== Actionables ==
* [[phab:T293726|T293726]]: Investigate & document why adding a new patch cable to the Equinix IX ports caused return path issues
* [[phab:T294166|T294166]]: NEL alert included #page in IRC but did not page through VictorOps (and then it did page through VO, at 21:07)
** This was because our outbound path to any internet destinations best reached via the Equinix IX were broken from (half of?) eqiad for the duration of the incident.
**Icinga also missed reporting when "BGP status on cr2-eqiad" went down, only reporting its recovery, our tentative theory is that it was also affected by the networking issues.
**Working around this is difficult but we should think about what to do.
* Remind people that using Klaxon when they're relatively confident something is wrong is preferred to waiting for automated monitoring to page.
** It's possible that Klaxon would also not work for the same users -- Klaxon is hosted in eqiad on, with the codfw installation being a passive backup host.
**It would have required someone on IRC to relay the issue through Klaxon, which had happened, just lack of actually using the tool.

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