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#REDIRECT [[Incidents/2021-09-04 appserver latency]]
An increase in load on a database server resulted in many queries being much slower to respond. This in turn meant backend traffic occupies appserver php-fpm workers for much longer, and a proportion of those requests will fail entirely due to unavailable workers. The failed requests got an error page with the message "''upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: overflow''".
'''Impact''': For 37 minutes, backends were slow (taking several seconds to respond) and 2% of requests failed entirely. This affected logged-in users, most bots/API queries, and some page views from unregistered users for pages that were recently edited or otherwise expired from the CDN cache.
* Public task about incident. [[phab:T290373|T290373]]
*[ Grafana: Application RED dashboard]
<gallery mode="nolines" widths="200">
File:4-Sep-2021-http-status.png|HTTP error rates.
File:4-Sep-2021-latency.png|Latency buckets.
File:4-Sep-2021-latency-quantile.png|Latency quantile estimates.
* [[phab:T277416|T277416]] (restricted)

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