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== Summary ==
#REDIRECT [[Incidents/2018-02-14 labvirt1008-failure]]
Labvirt1008 seems to have overheated and gone down. This effects tenants as well as virtual VPS infrastructure
== Timeline ==
* 7:20 UTC labvirt1008 rebooted
* 8:00 UTC moritzm logged a task about it
* There was no paging or alerting. This is a problem.
* 11:00 UTC Chase woke up and started investigating the extent of the outage, and looking for impact on Toolforge especially
* 12:58 UTC Chase sent an email about impact to cloud-announce with a list of [ affected instances].
== Conclusions ==
We know that our instance storage is local and ephemeral. We should ensure that is documented for tenants in easy to find places, and re-ensure that our mechanism that keep critical redundant components spread across labvirts are working.  In our world though a single hypervisor is a special snowflake and I believe we should have been paged on this outage, but seem not to have been.  It was my understanding that a full instance storage partition should have paged if nothing else, and in this case the failure of that check. 
== Actionables ==
* Coordinate with DC OPS to deal with overheating [[phab:T187292]]
* Look at moving tenant instances to another labvirt (we should have a standing spare)
* Investigate what should have paged and why it did not (and fix it)
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