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image-suggestion is a service that provides read-only access to the Data Gateway Service. It is a relatively simple HTTP service running in Kubernetes. It was created by the Platform Engineering Team. The code lives in Gerrit. It is not to be confused with the image-suggestions-api service.


The Helm chart used by the image-suggestion service is based on the cassandra-http-gateway chart. This chart is a generic chart to allow for the configuration of various services that will offer HTTP interfaces to data stored in Cassandra and is service independent for the most part. The image-suggestion service pods use Helmfile configuration to specify the relevant service-specific bits of configuration.

The service connects to Cassandra using a dedicated user configured in puppet.

Access to the service is managed via the Kubernetes ingress.


Deployment of the service uses the standard Helm/Kubernetes process. A lightweight healthcheck is available at /healthz.