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IP and AS allocations

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This page lists IP addresses and Autonomous system numbers (ASN) allocated by Wikimedia Foundation.

Public IPs

RIR Subnet
RIPE 2a02:ec80::/29
ARIN 2620:0:860::/46
APNIC 2001:df2:e500::/48


Moved to Netbox.


Moved to Netbox.

RFC1918 IPs

Moved to Netbox.


As of July 16th 2020, there is no more multicast/PIM in the infra.

Public AS

RIR AS# Allocation
ARIN 14907 main AS
RIPE 43821

Private AS

Private ranges: 64512-65534 and 4200000000-4294967294 (RfC 6996)

AS# Allocation
64600 PyBal
64601 Kubernetes eqiad
64602 Kubernetes codfw
64603 Kubernetes stage eqiad
64604 Kubernetes stage codfw
64605 Anycast
64606 Kubernetes ML Serve eqiad
64607 Kubernetes ML Serve codfw
64608 Kubernetes ML Staging codfw
64700 frack-eqiad
64701 frack-codfw
64710 cloudsw eqiad
64711 Reserved for cloudsw codfw
64810 EVPN Underlay eqiad
65000 Management routers
65001 confed-eqiad
65002 confed-eqdfw-codfw
65003 confed-esams
65004 confed-ulsfo
65005 confed-eqsin
65006 confed-drmrs
65020 confed-eqord
65517 Equinix
4265006001 drmrs B12
4265006002 drmrs B13

BGP communities

Community Name Allocation Action
14907:0 AVOIDED_PATH Manual as-path-group local-pref 50
14907:2 PEERING_ROUTE_PRIMARY Prefixes learned from an IX we want to prefer (when multiple IXs are present at a site) local-pref 260
14907:3 PEERING_ROUTE Prefixes learned from IX peers local-pref 250
14907:4 TRANSIT_ROUTE Prefixes learned from transit peers none, info only
14907:5 PARTIAL_TRANSIT_ROUTE Unused none
14907:6 PEER_INTERNAL Unused local-pref 290
14907:7 PEER_CUSTOMER WMF customers prefixes (SF office, WMCS) local-pref 250
14907:8 PEER_PRIVATE_PEER Prefixes learned from private peers (similar to IX peers) local-pref 270
14907:9 PEER_PUBLIC_PEER Unused none
14907:10 PREFERRED_TRANSIT Manual as-path-group local-pref 180
14907:11 SELECTED_PATH Manual as-path-group local-pref 350
14907:12 DIRECT_PEER Prioritize directly connected peers - T280054 local-pref 280
14907:13 ANYCAST Public anycast prefixes - T288843 none