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IP and AS allocations

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This page lists IP addresses and Autonomous system numbers (ASN) allocated by Wikimedia Foundation.

Public IPs

RIPE Yes, main AS#, up to /24
RIPE 2a02:ec80::/29 Yes, main AS#, up to /48
RIPE Yes, main AS#, up to /24
ARIN 2620:0:860::/46 Yes, main AS#, up to /48
ARIN Yes, main AS#, up to /24
ARIN Yes, main AS#, up to /24
APNIC Yes, main AS#
APNIC 2001:df2:e500::/48 Yes, main AS#


Moved to Netbox.


Moved to Netbox.

RFC1918 IPs

Moved to Netbox.


See Multicast HTCP purging#Multicast Addressing and Multicast IP Addresses.

Public AS

RIR AS# Allocation
ARIN 14907 main AS
RIPE 43821

Private AS

AS# Allocation
64600 PyBal
64601 Kubernetes eqiad
64602 Kubernetes codfw
64603 Kubernetes stage
64605 Anycast
64700 frack-eqiad
64701 frack-codfw
65001 confed-eqiad-eqord
65002 confed-eqdfw-codfw
65003 confed-esams
65004 confed-ulsfo
65005 confed-eqsin
65517 Equinix