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How to install zuul, gerrit and jenkins on instances

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Please note this is a ruft guide and will be improved over time. We will translate this into a puppet role to make everything easy.

1. You need to create a new instance or you can use your current one but please note it may overwrites any data in your instance so it is best to create a new one or backup your data

2. Go to and add these roles

  • contint::proxy_gerrit
  • contint::proxy_zuul
  • role::zuul::merger
  • role::zuul::server

3. then apply the puppet roles to your instance by going to here and then clicking configure on your instance.

4. then run sudo puppet agent -tv on your instance as sudo su.

5. then go back to and untick the roles in configure for puppet since they will overwrite anything we will manually modify on the instance which is quite annoying and unwanted.

6. Then you have to go to

7. you have to go to compute then security and access then default

8. add 81, 82, 83, 4730, 8001, 8080, 8081, 8082, 29418

9. then go to

10. Create your websites with Gerrit website being on port 80 which we will proxy and Zuul being on port 81 and Jenkins on port 82.

Note: we are not responsible for keeping this guide updated and or responsible for your data getting erased.