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Service manifests are a the <code>service.manifest</code> file you see on your tool's home directory. Eventually they will support specifying all the processes / meta information needed to set up and run your tool (somewhat inspired by [ procfiles]). It is a YAML file with several planned fieilds, but currently supports only one field: <code>web</code>. This field is set whenever you use the <code>webservice</code> command, and is used to ensure that your webservice is always up, even if it dies due to OOM. This replaces bigbrother functionality which was opt in - now you just do a <code>webservice start</code> and your webservice should be running forever - and a <code>webservice stop</code> and it should just stop.
#REDIRECT [[Obsolete:Toolforge/Service manifests]]
Planned support for custom webservices, other long running process and health checks coming soon.
[[Category:Toolforge|Webservice manifests]]

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