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#REDIRECT [[Help:Toolforge/My first Pywikibot tool]]
[[mw:Manual:Pywikibot|Pywikibot]] is a [[w:Python_(programming_language)|Python]] library which automates work on MediaWiki sites. Use this guide to create your own tool based on Pywikibot and host it on [[Help:Tool_Labs|Tool Labs]].
'''Tool Labs account required:'''
Before creating your tool, you need to [[Help:Tool_Labs/Getting_started#Creating_your_account|create an account to access Tool Labs]]. Set up your user name and shell name and [[Special:FormEdit/Tools_Access_Request|request access to the Tools Project]].
==Create your Pywikibot Tool account==
==Access your Pywikibot tool==
After you create  your Pywikibot's tool account, you can log into your tool project with SSH.
<source >
$ ssh <shell name>
Switch to your tool account:
maintainer@tools-bastion:~$ become <toolname>
Now, you can install Pywikibot.
==Install Pywikibot==
Using your tool account run the following:
<li>Use git to download Pywikibot:
git clone --recursive
Set up your bot for selected wikis by running:
==Choose a license==
==Publish your source code==
==Create a documentation page==

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