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#REDIRECT [[Help:Toolforge/My first Pywikibot tool]]
[[mw:Manual:Pywikibot|Pywikibot]] is a [[w:Python_(programming_language)|Python]] library which automates work on MediaWiki sites. Use this guide to create your own tool based on Pywikibot and host it on [[Help:Tool_Labs|Tool Labs]].
'''Tool Labs account required:'''
Before creating your tool, you need to [[Help:Tool_Labs/Getting_started#Creating_your_account|create an account to access Tool Labs]]. Set up your user name and shell name and submit a [ Tool Labs project membership request].
==Create your Pywikibot Tool account==
In addition to your own Tool Labs account, you also need to create a [[Help:Tool_Labs#Joining_and_creating_a_Tool_account|Tool acoount]] for your Pywikibot tool.
# Navigate to the [[toollabs:|Tools home page]].
# Click '''Create a New Tool''' under '''Develop your own tool'''.
# Enter a Service group name. The Service group name will become the name of your tool account.<br/> Do not prefix your service group name with <code>tools.</code>. This prefix will cause an improperly created account. The management interface automatically adds this prefix where appropriate.
'''Note:''' If you only recently received access to the tools project, you may get an error about appropriate credentials. Log out of Wikitech and back in to fix the issue.
Within a minute or two, Tool Labs creates the Tool account and grants you access. If you were logged in through SSH when you created the Tool account, you must log off and log in again
==Access your Pywikibot tool==
After you create  your Pywikibot's tool account, you can log into your tool project with SSH.
<source >
$ ssh <shell name>
Switch to your tool account:
maintainer@tools-bastion:~$ become <toolname>
Now, you can install Pywikibot.
==Install Pywikibot==
Using your tool account, do the following:
<li>Use git to download Pywikibot:
git clone --recursive pywikibot-core
cd pywikibot-core
Set up your bot for selected wikis by running:
==Choose a license==
Pywikibot comes with an MIT <tt>LICENSE</tt> file. Make sure to choose a license for your tool early on. Also see, [[Help:Tool_Labs/Developing#Licensing_your_source_code]]
==Publish your source code==
==Create a documentation page==
===Create a documentation page for your tool===
===Set up a webpage for your tool===
You can add webpage for your tool under For example, Once you set up a webpage for your tool, the [ Tool list] will link to it.
To set up webpage for you tool:
# Log in with your Tool account.
# Create a <tt>~/public_html</tt> directory.
# Create <tt>~/public_html/index.html</tt>.
# Start the web service:
$ webservice start

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