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root@wikitech-static:~# hostname -f                                                       

root@wikitech-static:~# for file in /etc/ssh/*; do ssh-keygen -lf $file; done
1024 SHA256:FapW+VbM4+u14a12Vw/qXaeeh5QvbAAwX7S9P6ErJTw root@localhost (DSA)
256 SHA256:tbpkRLu/aWYVfDGbsDurZP+eNZRqnRGA1h6AxXvqm88 root@localhost (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:FjhvHnuppWo3sRHQzRx6OTk2QcB0zpdBEP+KYeoDgsk root@localhost (ED25519)
2048 SHA256:NHsSAq3qfYJ+zNkgi6AEsXazpvYuLy7NTmgxTTmqqLc root@localhost (RSA)