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Help:Horizon FAQ

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This page contains information about

About Horizon is the web interface for creating and manipulating virtual machines ('Cloud VPS instances') and associated features within Cloud VPS. Horizon runs a customized version of OpenStack Horizon, which is the official tool for managing OpenStack deploys.

Horizon vs Wikitech

Horizon and Wikitech are preferred tools for specific processes.


  • User management within Cloud VPS projects
  • Creation, deletion, starting, stopping of instances
  • Management of instance firewalls (aka 'security groups')
  • Creation and assignment of web proxies for instances
  • Assignment of floating IPs to instances
  • Manipulation of DNS records associated with floating IPs
  • Management of project Sudo policies
  • Management of puppet and hiera configuration for instances


  • Individual user management
    • Account creation
    • Password & 2fa management
    • Management of SSH keys for instance access

Accessing Horizon

Any Wikimedia developer account holder with the 'projectadmin' role in a project has login access to The username, password, and two-factor authentication code are the ones associated with your developer account. Normal Toolforge and Cloud VPS project members can ignore Horizon for now, and possibly forever.

Horizon login requires 2FA

Horizon login requires a password and a second factor, the two-factor authentication code token. These credentials are shared with your developer account.

If you do not already have two-factor authentication (2fa) enabled for your developer account you can do so by visiting 'Preferences->User Profile' and clicking 'Enable two-factor authentication'.

Make sure you have a working SSH login to Cloud VPS before you enable 2FA. This will be helpful if you lose your back-up codes and need to retrieve them.

Retrieving back-up codes

To retrieve lost back-up codes, you will need to verify your identity with the Cloud Services Team.

  1. Contact Cloud Services Team
  2. You will be provided with instructions to verify your identity
  3. Once this is done Cloud Services Team will turn off 2fa for your developer account so you can re-enable it and reset your code

Project creation and management

See Help:Cloud VPS project for information on requesting a new project as a Cloud VPS user.

Proxies and DNS

Creating a new subdomain of or requires cooperation between multiple projects (yours, and that project that owns or For this reason, domain creation is limited to Cloud VPS operators. Create a phabricator request and we'll get to it as soon as we can.

For reference, this is done using the wmcs-makedomain script.


If you have a large number of projects and can't view them all in the project menu. You can view a complete project list by selecting the 'Identity->Projects' tab. To view a specific project, click the 'Set as Active Project' button on the right-hand side of the table.

Communication and support

We communicate and provide support through several primary channels. Please reach out with questions and to join the conversation.

Communicate with us
Way Connect Best for
Phabricator Workboard #Cloud-Services Task tracking and bug reporting
IRC Channel #wikimedia-cloud connect
Telegram bridge
mattermost bridge
General discussion and support
Mailing List cloud@ Information about ongoing initiatives, general discussion and support
Announcement emails cloud-announce@ Information about critical changes (all messages mirrored to cloud@)
News wiki page News Information about major near-term plans
Cloud Services Blog Clouds & Unicorns Learning more details about some of our work
Wikimedia Technical Blog News and stories from the Wikimedia technical movement