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Poster-format overview

Wikimedia Cloud Services (WMCS) is a flexible computing ecosystem built on OpenStack, GridEngine, and Kubernetes. The project empowers technical contribution to the Wikimedia software world. The products and resources of the WMCS project are available for use by anyone connected with the Wikimedia movement. Support and administration of the WMCS resources is provided by a Wikimedia Foundation team and Wikimedia movement volunteers.

Our products

  • Cloud VPS provides collaboratively owned collections of virtual private servers where users develop and maintain software projects that help the Wikimedia movement.
  • Toolforge provides a shared hosting/platform as a service environment for running bots, webservices, scheduled jobs, and data analysis.
  • Data Services is a collection of products including private-information-redacted copies of Wikimedia's production wiki databases and access to Wikimedia Dumps

Which product should I use?

VPS → Cloud VPS

If you need to run full virtual instances and are willing to administer them on your own we can provide quota to do so.

PaaS → Toolforge

If you need to run a specific webservice, scheduled job, or perform analysis but do not want to or are not able to manage a full virtual environment, this is the best place.

DaaS → Data Services

We provide replicas of the production databases and other data for analysis and experimentation. DaaS resources are available from both the VPS and the PaaS environments, though some of them may need to be requested for a specific VPS Project. In addition, the Quarry service provides database access via a web interface without project setup.

Terms of Use

Joining and Participating

Wikitech Account Holders are governed by the Labs terms of use, the Rules, and the Code of Conduct for technical spaces. The agreement to disclosure of personally identifiable information covers End-Users.

Read our Getting Started guide for detailed information on creating accounts and becoming active in our projects.

Support and Administration

We use Phabricator (workboard), an IRC channel (#wikimedia-cloud connect), and email list (cloud) as primary support channels.

Wikimedia Cloud Services are a joint effort between Wikimedia Foundation staff and many dedicated volunteers:

Learn more

WMCS components
Other explanations


A community consultation on branding has now been closed after an open call for participation and discussion.

We are actively working to rebrand the WMCS products. Working titles are now in use across some documentation. The generic compute/'Labs' environment for running your own virtual instances is being referred to now as "Cloud VPS" and the Tool Labs PaaS environment is now being referred to as "Toolforge".

From 2011 until early 2017, WMCS was known as "Wikimedia Labs". The term 'Labs' became overloaded and often required clarification about what component of the ecosystem was being referred to. The former Wikimedia Foundation Labs team and the Tool Labs Support team have joined forces as the Wikimedia Cloud Services team and are launching a campaign to improve the language and branding surrounding products and services offered.