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[[File:What is Cloud Services? poster.pdf|thumb|upright=1.3|Poster-format overview]]
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== WMCS project overview ==
===What is Wikimedia Cloud Services (WMCS)?===
'''Wikimedia Cloud Services''' ('''WMCS''') provides tools, services, and support for technical collaborators who want to contribute to Wikimedia software projects. WMCS is a computing ecosystem built on [[W:OpenStack|OpenStack]], [[W:Oracle Grid Engine|GridEngine]], and [[W:Kubernetes|Kubernetes]].
WMCS products and services are available for use by anyone connected with the [[meta:Wikimedia movement|Wikimedia movement]]. Support and administration of the WMCS resources is provided by a [[Mw:Wikimedia Cloud Services team|Wikimedia Foundation Cloud Services team]] and [ Wikimedia movement volunteers].
=== WMCS history ===
From 2011 until early 2017, WMCS was known as "Wikimedia Labs." The term 'Labs' was used to refer to a number of different [[Labs labs labs|components]], and clarification was required. In 2017, the project was reorganized. The former Wikimedia Foundation Labs team and the Tool Labs Support team joined together to create the Wikimedia Cloud Services team.
{{anchor|WMCS Products}}
== WMCS products and services ==
{{anchor|What product should I use?}}
{| class="wikitable sortable"
|+WMCS Products
!Support Level
|[[Portal:Cloud VPS|Cloud VPS]]
|Provides collaboratively owned collections of virtual private servers where users develop and maintain software projects that help the Wikimedia movement.
|Use this to run full virtual instances.
|You are willing to administer instances on your own. We can provide quota to do so.  
|Provides a shared hosting/platform as a service environment for running bots, webservices, scheduled jobs, and data analysis.
|Run a specific webservice, scheduled job, or perform analysis.
|You do not want to or are not able to manage a full virtual environment.
|[[Portal:Data Services|Data Services]]
|A collection of products including private-information-redacted copies of Wikimedia's production wiki databases and access to [[|Wikimedia Dumps]].
|Create replicas of the production databases and other data for analysis and experimentation.  
|The [[quarry:|Quarry service]] provides database access via a web interface. Some DaaS resources may need to be requested for specific VPS projects.
=== Renaming of products and services ===
We are in the process of changing the [[phab:phame/post/view/59/labs_and_tool_labs_being_renamed/| language and branding]] of the products and services we offer. You may find some outdated titles and names in WMCS documentation. Edits are welcome!
== Participating with WMCS ==
=== Create a user account ===
First, read the WMCS [[Help:Getting_Started|Getting Started]] guide for information about how to create a user account and to learn how to become active in Wikimedia software projects.
===Review the terms and conditions===
Second, make sure to review and agree to our terms and conditions. [[Help:Terminology|Wikitech account holders]] who plan to use '''WMCS resources and products''' must read and agree to the following:
* [[Wikitech:Labs_Terms_of_use|Wikimedia Cloud Services (Wikimedia Labs) Terms of Use]]
* [[mw:Code of Conduct|Code of Conduct for technical spaces]]
* [[mw:Wikimedia Labs/Agreement to disclosure of personally identifiable information|Agreement to disclosure of personally identifiable information]] (covers [[Help:Terminology|End-Users]]).
Please pay close attention to the following terms for '''Toolforge and Cloud VPS:'''
* Toolforge tools must be [[w:Open-source software|open source software]] licensed under an [ OSI approved license].
* Toolforge and Cloud VPS projects must not collect, store, or share private data or personally identifiable information, such as user names, passwords, or IP addresses, except when complying with the conditions listed in the [[Wikitech:Labs_Terms_of_use|Wikimedia Labs Terms of Use]].
== Communication and support ==
We communicate and provide support through several primary channels. Please reach out with questions and to join the conversation.
{| class="wikitable sortable"
|+Communicate with us
!Best for
|Cloud Services Phabricator Workboard
|[[phab:project/profile/832/|Phabricator workboard]]
|Task tracking and bug reporting
|Cloud Services IRC Channel
|General discussion and support
|Cloud Services Email List
|[[mail:cloud|Cloud mailing list]]
|Information about ongoing initiatives, general discussion and support
== Learn more ==
Please see our [[Help:FAQ | frequently asked questions page]] to learn more about individual WMCS products and services.

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