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Helm[1] is the package manager for Kubernetes.

It is used to build Helm charts, which are packages of Kubernetes resources that are used to deploy apps to a cluster.

For deployment it is called via helmfile[2] in combination with helm-diff[3] to present the to be applied changes to the user.


We're providing separate packages for operations/debs/helm (helm 2.x) and operations/debs/helm3, both may be installed at the same time.

The packages operations/debs/helmfile and operations/debs/helm-diff follow the same packaging workflow, so we document that here together.

Importing a new version

The packages are build using Git-buildpackage. The imported upstream tarballs should include the complete vendor directory.

  • Check out the version (git tag) to import
    ./debian/repack "vX.Y.Z"
  • This drops you into a shell with the git tag checked out. Do necessary changes here and commit
    glide install --strip-vendor
    # or
    go mod vendor
    git add -f vendor
    # git diff --name-status --cached | grep -v 'vendor/' # to make sure you only changed vendor
    git commit -m "added vendor"
  • Exiting the shell will build a tarball to import
    gbp import-orig /path/to/tarball.tar.xz
  • Push changes (including the tag crated by gpb) to gerrit
    git push gerrit --all
    git push gerrit --tags
  • Add a debian/changelog entry (as CR)
    gbp dch # Edit debian/changelog
    git commit
    git review

Building a new version

  • Check out the git repo on the build host
  • Build the package
    BACKPORTS=yes gbp buildpackage --git-pbuilder --git-no-pbuilder-autoconf --git-dist=buster -sa -uc -us

Publish a new version

# on apt1001
rsync -vaz deneb.codfw.wmnet::pbuilder-result/buster-amd64/*<PACKAGE VERSION>* .
sudo -i reprepro -C main include buster-wikimedia /path/to/<PACKAGE>.changes

# Copy the package over to other distros (this is possible because they only contain static binaries)
sudo -i reprepro copy stretch-wikimedia buster-wikimedia <PACKAGE>
sudo -i reprepro copy jessie-wikimedia buster-wikimedia <PACKAGE>