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GitLab Runner is an application that works with GitLab CI/CD to run jobs in a pipeline.<ref></ref> For more information see the official [ GitLab Runner documentation].
#REDIRECT [[GitLab/Gitlab Runner]]
=== Current Gitlab Runner setup (Initialization) ===
In WMCS there is a project <code>gitlab-runners</code> to host a set of shared GitLab runners. Currently the runners are installed and configured with [[gerrit:plugins/gitiles/operations/gitlab-ansible/|Ansible playbook]]. To add runners, add the hosts to <code>[gitlab_runners]</code> section of 'hosts' file. Then run the Ansible Playbook for gitlab-runners. The command is wrapped in <code>[[gerrit:plugins/gitiles/operations/gitlab-ansible/+/refs/heads/master/|]]</code> script.<ref></ref>
There are efforts to move all of the installation and configuration to puppet: [[phab:T287279#7237735|T287279#7237735]].
=== Future Gitlab Runner setup ([[phab:T286958|T286958]]) ===
This section contains the requirements and plan for a future Gitlab-Runner setup.
* Compute
* Privacy
* Elastic demand
* Data we want for measuring use and performance
* Whether these can safely run on a third-party platform

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