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This page contains SRE related topics for GitLab. For GitLab application specific information, please see (under Implementation).

GitLab is reachable at We run multiple instances of GitLab:

GitLab instances

gitlab1001 and gitlab2001 are setup using puppet and Ansible. The base configuration currently lives in profile::gitlab. Additional GitLab specific configuration comes from gitlab-ansible. Its planned to migrate all of the logic to puppet and drop Ansible (see T283076). GitLab is installed as a Omnibus installation on all instances. So all GitLab components are installed using the official packages and are executed on a single host. The reasons for this setup can be found in the Initialization docs in Mediawiki.

GitLab login is implemented with SSO using the CAS/SSO. So users will be redirected to to login to the SSO portal. Authentication is currently open to all users with a Wikimedia developer account.

GitLab runners

For our current and future runner setups, see GitLab/Gitlab Runner.