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This page contains SRE related topics for GitLab. For GitLab application-specific information, user documentation, and policy, please see mw:GitLab on

GitLab is reachable at We run multiple instances of GitLab:

GitLab instances

gitlab1001, gitlab2001 and test instance gitlab-prod-1001 are setup using puppet. The configuration currently lives in profile::gitlab. Former configuration from gitlab-ansible was migrated completely to puppet (see T283076). GitLab is installed as a Omnibus installation on all instances. So all GitLab components are installed using the official packages and are executed on a single host. The reasons for this setup can be found in the Initialization docs in Mediawiki.

GitLab login is implemented with SSO using the CAS/SSO. So users will be redirected to ( on WMCS/VPS) to login to the SSO portal. Authentication is currently open to all users with a Wikimedia developer account for the production instance. Access to the replica and test instance is restricted to WMF/NDA groups.

GitLab runners

GitLab offers CI/CD capabilities. For our current and Runner documentation, see GitLab/Gitlab Runner.

SSH fingerprints

See Help:SSH_Fingerprints/ for an overview of all fingerprints at once.

Each gitlab server has 4 IPs on the same network interface. One IPv4 and one IPv6 for server, the standard sshd that admins use to connect to the individual backend ( and one IPv4 and IPv6 for the service address (

If you connect to the service as a user you _should_ expect to see the one for the service IP but currently you will see the one for the backend you are connecting to. Currently this is gitlab1001 but it could change when we switch data centers or fail over.

We are looking into getting a new configuration option into gitlab upstream to properly fix this. Meanwhile you can find fingerprints linked on the server pages, gitlab1001 and gitlab2001 and all fingerprints in a single place at Help:SSH_Fingerprints/

also see the status of this ticket: phab:T296944


  • phab:T274459 (VM creation request)
  • phab:T296944 (Self-reported GitLab SSH host key fingerprints don’t appear to match actual host key fingerprints)
  • phab:T295481 (Setup GitLab Runner in trusted environment)