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** [[mw:Gerrit/Commit_message_guidelines|Commit message guidelines]]
** [[mw:Gerrit/Commit_message_guidelines|Commit message guidelines]]
** [[mw:Gerrit/Advanced usage]]
** [[mw:Gerrit/Advanced usage]]
** [[mw:Gerrit/New_repositories/Requests|Get a new gerrit repository]]

Alternatively, you can follow the [ Git & Gerrit codelab].
Alternatively, you can follow the [ Git & Gerrit codelab].

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We use Gerrit for our code review system for Git

Gerrit is installed on gerrit1001 in the prefix /var/lib/gerrit2 and serves public request at . A replica runs on gerrit2001 which serves requests at ), it is intended for a switch over and for various bots in order to offload the primary instance.

Gerrit is a Java daemon which listens for HTTP connections (TCP port 8080) and SSH connections (TCP port 29418). Apache proxies the relevant URLs on port 80 and 443 through to Gerrit. The SSH port provides a restricted shell for Git upload pack, reviews and administrative commands.

Since the Gerrit v3.2 upgrade in summer 2020, Gerrit no longer uses a conventional, relational database. So if you read somewhere about Gerrit's MySQL (or similar) database or "reviewdb", it is stale information. Instead of a relational database, Gerrit now stores the needed data directly in the git repositories (NoteDB). To speed up lookup, it creates indices also known has secondary index. These indices are Lucene backed indices and H2 (flat file database engine from the Java world).

Git repositories are stored at /srv/gerrit/git/.

Gerrit uses the LDAP instance shared with Wikimedia Cloud Services for authentication. Accounts under ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org and groups under ou=groups,dc=wikimedia,dc=org are exposed to Gerrit. The Gerrit account name is the cn field in LDAP. In order to log in to Gerrit, a user needs to already have a Wikimedia developer account. See Help:Getting Started for the process of getting a developer account.

To find out what version of Gerrit is running, you can use either of the following two commands:

java -jar /var/lib/gerrit2/review_site/bin/gerrit.war version
ssh -p 29418 gerrit version

As of November 2020, Gerrit runs with Java 8 (upgrade to Java 11 is task T268225).

End users documentations

Alternatively, you can follow the Git & Gerrit codelab.