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Original file(SVG file, nominally 999 × 1,006 pixels, file size: 15 KB)

Simplified deplyoment diagram of the publication of change logs.

This is meant as a scratchpad to understand the eqiad -> codfw switchover, not as authoritative documentation.

SVG was generated from the following PlantUML sourcesː


Actor Editor
Actor "RCStream consumer" as RCStreamConsumer
Actor "IRC consumer" as IRCConsumer

() "*" as w_org
() "" as stream_w_o
() "" as irc_w_o

Editor --> w_org
RCStreamConsumer --> stream_w_o
IRCConsumer --> irc_w_o

package eqiad {
  () "UDP IRC echo" as udp_irc_echo

  node "mw*.eqiad.wmnet" {
    [Mediawiki] as mediawiki_eqiad
  node "rcs100*.eqiad.wmnet" {
    [RCStream] as rcstream_eqiad
    database Redis as redis_eqiad
  node {
    [udpmxircecho] as udpmxircecho_eqiad
    [IRC] as irc_eqiad

  w_org - mediawiki_eqiad
  stream_w_o -down- rcstream_eqiad
  irc_w_o -down- irc_eqiad
  udp_irc_echo -down- udpmxircecho_eqiad

  mediawiki_eqiad -> redis_eqiad: publish changes
  mediawiki_eqiad -up-> udp_irc_echo: publish changes
  rcstream_eqiad -> redis_eqiad: read-only
  udpmxircecho_eqiad -> irc_eqiad

package codfw {
  node "mw*.codfw.wmnet" {
    [Mediawiki] as mediawiki_codfw

  w_org -down- mediawiki_codfw

  mediawiki_codfw -> redis_eqiad: publish changes
  mediawiki_codfw -> udp_irc_echo: publish changes


redis_eqiad --> redis_codfw
redis_codfw --> redis_eqiad: replication

note top of udp_irc_echo
  Strangely, at the moment the
  udpmxircecho service is used
  through its public IP.
end note


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