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The WMF donation pipeline, part 2. From the components that insert donation messages into various queues in ActiveMQ to contribution consumption in Drupal/CiviCRM.

This more-or-less picks up from where 'part 1' leaves off, where 'ActiveMQ' in part 1 is made up of the different queues displayed here (monitoring, pending_paypal_recurring, pending_paypal, pending_pfp, donations, donations_recurring)


  • '3rd party service' in the key in this image would be more accurately described as services outside the direct control of the fundraising tech team
  • There is a bit of a diagram fail here in that there's a critical point not illustrated on the diagram. In 'queue2civicrm' and 'queue2civicrm/recurring', contributions ultimately get inserted to CiviCRM via the CiviCRM contribution/contact APIs. The three lines flowing out of the positive side of the conditional (going to wmf_owa, wmf_premiuims, thank_you) should be augmented with one more line going to 'CiviCRM'.

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