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Name/Description Author Link Source Screenshot
EventStreams UI WMF Analytics Team
EventStreams UI May 2020.png
Recent changes statistics Krinkle
Live Edit Charts Ethan Jewett
EventStreams Live Edit Charts Demo.png
Change Type Radar Chart Calvin Bao
EventStreams Radar Chart Demo.png
Edit IP Patrol Freddy2001
EventStreams IP Patrol (IPP).png
Event Streams MusikAnimal
Screenshot of Event Streams tool.png
Data Waltz Exhibit in LA Nate Imai, Matthew Conway, Rachel Lee, and Max Wong,
Data Waltz Exhibit in LA.jpg
WikiMedia recent changes DDP (Meteor) API Mitar
WikiMedia recent changes DDP API.png
LunchTime (Wikipedia changes) ahstro
LunchTime Screenshot.png
Wikipedia edits from various countries around the world in real time TIBCO Software Inc
EditGroups Pintoch
EditGroups screenshot.png
MajavahBot task 1, patrolling enwiki edit filter false positive page User:Majavah



Name/Description Author Link Source Screenshot
Edits on a globe Sacha Saint-Leger
EventStreams Edits on a Globe Demo.png