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(This data is now tracked in netbox, and its existence on wikitech is depreciated.)
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{{Navigation Wikimedia infrastructure|expand=clusters}}
{{Navigation Wikimedia infrastructure|expand=clusters}}
[[File:Eqiad logical.png|thumb|Eqiad [[network design]].]]
[[File:Eqiad logical.png|thumb|Eqiad [[network design]].]]
'''Eqiad''' (pronounced ''eh-key-add'', or the '''Ashburn DC''') is located at the [[w:Equinix|Equinix]] data center in [[w:Ashburn, Virginia|Ashburn, Virginia, United States]].
'''Eqiad''' (pronounced ''eh-key-add'', or the '''Ashburn DC''') is located at the [[w:Equinix|Equinix]] data center in [[w:Ashburn, Virginia|Ashburn, United States]].

== Name ==
{{Infobox data centre inline
"eq" comes from Equinix. "IAD" is the airport code of [[w:Washington Dulles International Airport|Washington Dulles International Airport]].
| vendor = Equinix (EQ)
| airport = [[w:Dulles_International_Airport|Dulles International Airport]] (IAD)
== Usage ==
| location = [[w:Ashburn, Virginia|Ashburn, Virginia, United States]]
Core services.
| dc_number = 3
| usage = Core services

== Media gallery ==
== Media gallery ==

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Eqiad (pronounced eh-key-add, or the Ashburn DC) is located at the Equinix data center in Ashburn, United States.

Eqiad cluster

Map of Wikimedia Foundation data centers.

Vendor Equinix (EQ)
Nearby airport Dulles International Airport (IAD)
Location Ashburn, Virginia, United States
Datacenter number #3
Usage Core services

Media gallery

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