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{{Navigation Wikimedia infrastructure|expand=clusters}}
#REDIRECT [[Eqiad data center]]
[[File:Eqiad logical.png|thumb|Eqiad [[network design]].]]
'''Eqiad''' (pronounced ''eh-key-add'', or the '''Ashburn DC''') is located at the [[w:Equinix|Equinix]] data center in [[w:Ashburn, Virginia|Ashburn, United States]].
{{Infobox data centre inline
| vendor = Equinix (EQ)
| airport = [[w:Dulles_International_Airport|Dulles International Airport]] (IAD)
| location = [[w:Ashburn, Virginia|Ashburn, Virginia, United States]]
| dc_number = 1
| usage = Core services
== Media gallery ==
{{See also|commons:Category:Wikimedia servers in Ashburn|label 1="Wikimedia servers in Ashburn" on Wikimedia Commons}}
<gallery mode="nolines" widths="250" heights="250">
File:Eqiadwmf 9043.jpg
File:Eqiadwmf 9045.jpg
File:Eqiadwmf 9049.jpg
File:Eqiadwmf 9052.jpg
File:Eqiadwmf 9069.jpg
== See also ==
* [[:Category:Eqiad cluster]]
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* [[mw:WMF Projects/Data Center Virginia|WMF Projects/Data Center Virginia]], on
* [[Obsolete:Eqiad Migration Planning]]

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